Abigail Romero, Harvard College '23, AB Candidate in Applied Math
Team Name: The Mentorship Project
Description: The Mentorship Project is a nonprofit that equalizes college access for underprivileged high school students, by providing them with a high quality and dedicated mentor to aid them through the college admissions process. As part of our program, each student is paired with a mentor and provided access to resources including free online courses, webinars we host on our topic, drop-in essay revision sessions with our mentors, a community of over 600 peers, and much more.
Akila Muthukumar, Harvard College '23, AB Candidate in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology
Team Name: Health Righters
More Members: Varshini Odayar, Kavya Parekh, Ria Parikh, Siona Prasad, Nidhi Talasani, and Neha Damaraju
Description: Health Righters is an intercollegiate magazine focused on the intersection of healthcare and human rights. You can read pieces on our site, which includes a digital magazine and collaboration with the Harvard Public Health Review.
Amreen Poonawala, Harvard Graduate School of Education '21, Master's Candidate in Education (Technology, Innovation, and Education)
Team Name: Ed2Engage
More Members: Lexi Tonelli
Description: Ed2Engange is a digital solution that measures and manages classroom equity and engagement. We provide professors with customized lists of students to call based on past participation records and relevancy, ensuring a more rich, diverse, and equitable class discussion.
Andrew Ngure, Graduate School of Design '21, Master's Candidate in Architecture and Urban Design
Team Name: Manush Labs
More Members: Piyush Verma (CEO, MIT '20)
Description: Manush Labs is an impact accelerator program for underserved entrepreneurs and innovators of India. Our goal is to create an equitable and robust entrepreneurship fabric for the innovators and social entrepreneurs of India. To learn more, visit,
Ashley Wang, Harvard College '23
Team Name: Meltdown Creamery
Description: Meltdown Creamery increases the sustainability of food by recycling plant based foods into delicious meals.
Bethany Dill, Harvard Graduate School of Education '21, Master's Candidate in Education (International Education Policy with concentrations in both Humanitarian Studies, Ethics, and Human Rights as well as Child Protection)
Description: Refugee youth have limited access to learning and engagement opportunities amid COVID-19 closures. Through the young leaders venture, refugee youth will work in a remote community of peers and mentors to employ self-designed projects that address challenges their families and neighbors are experiencing. Participants will further their leadership, literacy, and problem solving skills as they engage in topics such as local economics, design thinking, and monitoring and evaluation.
Dan Lee, Harvard Graduate School of Education '21, Master's Candidate in Education (Technology, Innovation, and Education)
Team Name: Mirror.Mirror
More Members: Drakhshan Ahmad, Aliya Shaikhina
Description: Mirror.Mirror is an interactive augmented reality video storytelling platform engaging family members and children. AR, Voice Alteration and Immersive 3D backgrounds transform storytelling experience, helping build children’s creativity and literacy skills.
Emily Van Doren, Harvard School of Dental Medicine '22, Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry Candidate
Team Name: My Dental Key
More Members: Leela Breitmen (DMD Candidate, HSDM), Jennifer Lee (DMD Candidate, HSDM), Karen He (DMD Candidate, HSDM), and Alice Li (DMD Candidate at HSDM)
Description: My Dental Key is an online learning platform for students learning clinical dentistry. We provide clear and concise video tutorials, step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and photographs of dental procedures so that students can master their coursework and board exams. To learn more, visit
Evelyn Chen, Harvard College '24, AB Candidate in Applied Mathematics
Team Name: Asian Women Empower 
Description: Asian Women Empower ( is a podcast dedicated to highlighting the stories of inspiring Asian American women. Hear from guests on their stories, struggles, and successes as they chart new paths for women of color!
Evelyn Wong, Harvard College '21, SB Candidate in Neuroscience
Team Name: CovEducation
More Members: Catherine Eng, Whitney Zhand, Dheekshita Kumar, and Anne Lheem
Description: CovEducation (or “CovEd”) is a community of undergraduates, postgraduates, students and educators from colleges and universities across the U.S. who are interested in supporting K-12 students in light of the pandemic. We have created a free virtual platform that pairs mentors from higher education institutions with K 12 students affected by school closures. (
Grace Tian, Harvard College '22, AB Candidate in Computer Science and Statistics
Team Name: Coalition to End Abuse
More Members: Carissa Chen (Harvard College '21)
Description: Coalition to End Abuse is the first youth nonprofit focused on local level domestic violence policy in a national network. We are currently writing policy suggestions to work with policy makers in Boston to end domestic violence.
Hui Ding, Harvard University Extension School '21, ALM Master’s Candidate in Finance
Team Name: 3D Virtual Global Classroom

More Member: Shicheng Rao

Description: During the COVID-19 pandemic, online learning is very popular in many schools and universities. The greatest challenge of remote learning is that students sometimes feel bored and isolated. The method for solving this problem is to make online courses more interesting and more interactive. To solve this problem, we will develop a 3D Virtual Global Classroom software to make online courses more interesting and interactive between students and instructors. This project combines innovation and education. Advanced technologies will be used to develop this project. By using the 3D Virtual Classroom System, schools will be able to attract more students from different countries. To learn more, please watch our video at
Jaweria Sethi, Harvard Graduate School of Education '22, Master's Candidate in Education (Specialized Studies) 
Team Name: Village Square
Description: Village Square is a global marketplace where expert and vetted teachers offer 1000s of live online courses across a range of disciplines for children ages 4-16. By putting a student's choice at the core of design, it is a transformational alternative to traditional schooling.
Kate Lachance, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences '20, PhD Candidate in Bioinformatics and Integrative Genomics
Team Name: CodeSciLab
More Members: Kayla Davis (PhD in Biological and Biomedical Sciences) and Emily Kerr (PhD Candidate in Chemical Biology, Harvard)
Description: CodeSciLab is committed to providing computer science education resources for high school science teachers and students. Find out more at!
London Lowmanstone, Harvard College '21, AB Candidate in Computer Science and Philosophy
Team Name: Tech Relief
Description: Tech Relief tests out the newest life-saving tech. We then sell it to first responders and help them use it (think Avengers the movie + Amazon the company). For technology creators, we create a clear pipeline from a new humanitarian technology to a revenue stream. For first responder teams, we provide the most effective technology alongside clear resources, which are informed by experience, on how to adapt their team to best use the new technology.
Lucas Chu, Harvard College '23, AB Candidate in Economics
Team Name: Erevna
Description: Erevna is a global 501(c)3 empowering students to do more. Across our 11 initiatives, we match over two thousand students with mentors to work on projects that matter.
Maddie Ulanow, Harvard Kennedy School '22, Master's Candidate in Public Policy
Team Name: Faith & Polity
More Members: Zamin Husein (Student at Harvard Kennedy School), Ben Fleisher (Student at Harvard Divinity School)
Description: At Faith & Polity, we are exploring how different religious traditions build community to create a more just world. In doing this, we hope to help activists learn from and connect with each other, to build a movement a world in which progressive values and policies are realized.
Maya Burhanpurkar, Harvard College '21, AB Candidate in Physics and Computer Science
Team Name: Adventus Robotics
Maya Razmi, Harvard College '22, AB Candidate in Social Studies
Team Name: Raise Uganda Now
More Members: Soo Lee, Colby Weiss, and Lauren Kim
Description: Raise Uganda Now is a community-based sanitation education program to reduce urban-rural disparities in Uganda and increase health knowledge among communities.
Mimi Kigawa, Graduate Schoool of Design '22, Master's Caniddate in Design Engineering
Team Name: hēla
More Members: Trent Tepool and Pranitha Patil
Description: hēla offers a smart foot cast, mat and phone app that tracks and treats chronic skin wounds.
Oscar Hernandez, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences '23, PhD Candidate in Molecules, Cells, and Organisms
Team Name: Clubes de Cienca Ecuador
Description: Clubes de Ciencia Ecuador facilitates the hands-on learning of critical concepts in STEM through varied STEM workshops taught by researchers from leading universities of the world. The target of our STEM education outreach efforts is high school and undergraduate students aged 16 to 22 years old from all over Ecuador with a strong curiosity towards STEM.
Pallavi Khare, Harvard Kennedy School '22, Master's Candidate in Public Policy
Team Name: WeUnlearn
More Members: Meghna Chaudhury (Co-Founder)
Description: We, at WeUnlearn, aim to empower adolescents with the knowledge, skills and resources to build self-efficacy and lead gender equitable lives. We are building an interactive AI based chatbot for Indian adolescents to help them deal with mental health and gender issues. Last year we conducted extensive field visits and through 1:1 interactions with adolescents, we understood their primary challenges. We designed the curriculum keeping these challenges in mind, and using research from developmental, cognitive and behavioral psychology. We are conducting pilots of our solution and seeing promising results. We will be focusing on scaling up starting next year.
Rebecca Thrope, Harvard College '21, AB Candidate in Comparative Study of Religion
Team Name: Embodying Justice 
More Members: Tzofiya Bookstein (Harvard College '23), Liam Curtiz (Yale '23), Anne Howard (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill '20), Rachel Mitchell (Springboard Engagement Fellow at Boston University Hillel), Rebecca Araten (Harvard College rising juntior), and Hannah Ezer (Harvard College '24)
Description: Embodying Justice is a group of university students and recent graduates who seek to support and strengthen the capacity of grassroots racial justice organizations in the Boston area through an immersive remote volunteering fellowship. Our team will take a skills-based approach of matching volunteers (fellows) with partner organizations. Partner organizations will gain educated volunteers who have the skills and dedication necessary to aid in capacity-building within the organization.
Richa Gupta, Harvard Graduate School of Education '21, Master's Candidate in Education (International Education Program)
Team Name: Labhya Foundation
Description: Labhya Foundation enables wellbeing and community building space for teachers in low-income public schools of India. For more information, please visit
Roodolph St. Pierre, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences '21, PhD Candidate in Chemical and Physical Biology
Team Name: STEAMid
More Members: Rose St. Pierre (BSN RN, Northeastern)
Description: STEAMid is an EdTech nonprofit platform that curates and recommends STEAM resources (internships, scholarships & fellowships) to high school, undergraduate, postbac, graduate, and postdoctoral students. STEAMid serves students, parents, and educators to help underrepresented scholars enter and most importantly thrive in the STEAM fields. To access STEAMid, visit:
Rowen VonPlagenhoef, Harvard College '21, AB Candidate in Integrative Biology 
Team Name: Gone With the Wind
More Members:  Alaisha Sharma (A.B. Computer Science Harvard College '20), Keshav Rastogi (A.B. Candidate Harvard College '21) 
Description:  Gone With the Wind seeks to not only create ammonia in a carbon free manner, but also utilize its production as an effective way of storing energy from wind and solar, smoothing out power generation for the grid. In much of the same vein as the hydrogen economy, the ammonia economy is an achievable, economical alternative that is based off a combination of existing technology to create a better normal.
Quadri Oguntade, MIT/Harvard Kennedy School '22, MBA/MPP Candidate
Team Name: Innovate For Africa (IFA)
More Members: Margaret Wang (Ed.M at HGSE), Alex Grady (Ed.M at HGSE), Mary Nagel (Ed.M at HGSE), and Cynthia Obiora (BA at University of Ibadan)
Description: IFA is a program that inspires and trains aspiring African entrepreneurs and then provides them the opportunity to work at a startup with continuous support. Our vision is for development in Africa to be powered by innovation. You can learn and join our mission by checking our website:
Sophia Swartz, Harvard College '22, AB Candidate in Molecular and Cellular Biology
Team Name: STEMpathy Resources
More Members: Anjika Pai (BA Candidate in Environmental Sciences, UC Berkeley '22), Katie Sharpe (AB Candidate in Astrophysics and Physics, Harvard College '22), Hannah Young (BA Candidate in Public Health, UC Berkeley '22), and Andrea Garrido (BA Candidate, Johns Hopkins University '23)
Description: STEMpathy Resources is an organization that provides education materials for high school teachers and students to foster inclusivity and empathy in their STEM fields. Our curated materials are free, require no prior knowledge, can be used as warm-ups, supplemental exercises, or short-term assignments, and are suitable for use in various STEM courses for grades 9 to 12.
Will Aubin, Harvard Graduate School of Education '21, Master's Candidate in Education, Specialized Studies Program
Team Name: Urban Athletic Association
Description: We are an after-school program trying to reimagine who has access to high-quality sports programs. We serve middle and high school students from under-resourced communities with youth development through Olympic sports.
Zhixin Lin, Harvard Design School '21, Master's Candidate in Design Studies (Technology )
Team Name: ilume
More Members: Tatum Lau (Co-founder, GSD MAUD '19)
Description: illume is a virtual mentorship platform connecting design students and industry professionals for career discovery. We support design students to leverage their skill set in any industry they see fit. Visit to learn more!