Are you growing an idea that holds the potential to transform society for the better? Make your individual or team startup a reality with the Lemann Program on Creativity and Entrepreneurship (LPCE).

The application for the LPCE Accelerator Launch Fund is now open. Apply for a chance to win $10,000 to launch your venture! The application deadline is November 30th, 11:59:59 PM EST.

Your application must include these three components.

1. A pitch deck (max 10 slides) that addresses the following:

  • Problem you are solving and your motivation for solving it.
  • How your venture is different from already established initiatives that occupy the same or similar space. i.e. Who are your market competitors and how are your ideas positioned in relation to existing efforts?
  • A brief description of your venture.
  • Ways in which your venture creates a better normal.
  • Explanation of how you are incorporating research, data, and evidence to help you better understand the problem.
  • Description of how your potential solution connects directly to the problem you are trying to address.

2. A video (max 5 minutes) of your pitch that includes your team pitching using your pitch deck (YouTube or ZOOM are viable options).

3. An infographic that accurately represents your venture and its key components. Example infographics or platforms:

Judging rubrics:
Pitch video judging rubric
Infographic judging rubric







launchfundvideorubric2.pdf173 KB
launchfundinfographicrubric2.pdf173 KB

LPCE Accelerator FAQs

What is the LPCE Accelerator?
The LPCE Accelerator is a funding program, mentoring network, and most importantly, a community of creative problem solvers. By signing up, you get access to all that as well as other resources targeted towards your specific venture. 
What are specific things I gain from becoming an Accelerator member?
You gain access to a network of experts to help guide your idea to activation. Invitations to both workshops and discussions about the evolving ventures. And again, most importantly, you will be joining a community of creative problem solvers.
What are the qualifications?
The LPCE Accelerator is an early-stage program designed for Harvard students who have a glimmer of an idea all the way to teams who have developed an MVP (minimum viable product) and have started considering fund raising. If you are a Harvard student taking a leave of absence, you do not qualify, but if you have a team member who is a Harvard student not on leave, they can apply in your stead.

If I join the Accelerator, do I have to take the E-labs in Spring 2021?
No. However, joining either the Skills or Projects StudioLabs in the spring would benefit your venture in any stage of development while expanding your network.
Can I still receive the seed funds if I am not a US citizen?
Yes. The LPCE Accelerator is open to all currently enrolled Harvard students, applying as solo entrepreneurs or in a team. Your other team members may be outside the Harvard network. 
Is the LPCE Accelerator Seed Funds a pre-requisite to the LPCE Accelerator Launch Funds?
Nope! Receiving the $250 in Seed Funds is not necessary to apply for the $10,000 Launch Funds. Our website is now updated with the LPCE Accelerator Launch Funds application details. 

LPCE Accelerator Timeline

14th- LPCE Accelerator Seed Fund round opens ($250.00 award)
26th- Innovate Through Ideation Event
7th- Team Building Event
15th- Mentoring and Networking Event
27th- The Pitch Event & Workshop 
30th- Seed fund round closes 11:59:59PM ET
10th- How to Build a Wix Website Workshop with HGSE IDC
14th- LPCE Launch Funds Application Opens
19th- Art Thinking Workshop with Harvard ArtLab
23rd- LPCE Office Hour 
23rd- The Power of Community Event (rescheduled)
30th- LPCE Launch Funds Application deadline 11:59:59PM ET
17th- LPCE Accelerator Launch Fund Winners Announced
10th-19th EXAMS