Fall 2020 LPCE Report and Previous Funding Opportunities


The Lemann Program on Creativity and Entrepreneurship (LPCE) aims to help student teams and individuals grow ideas to transform society for the better. 


Read our November 2020 report now to learn more about how LPCE has been working towards a better normal!

Thanks to the boldness of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the philanthropic generosity of Jorge Paulo Lemann ‘61, in Fall 2020, Harvard College launched a groundbreaking initiative for undergraduate students to make the liberal arts even more actionable at a crucial moment in history. The Lemann Program on Creativity and Entrepreneurship (LPCE) is preparing Harvard graduates to lead in a society that is grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, health care disparities, and systemic racism.

Premised on the transformative vision of late Harvard professor Robert Lue, Richard L. Menschel Faculty Director of the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, the LPCE empowers undergraduate students to solve global challenges. With this addition to our liberal arts offerings, Harvard College’s mission to educate future leaders and to inspire every member of our community to strive toward a more just, fair, and promising world continues unabated and has grown even stronger.

The ethos behind our program was articulated beautifully by Lue: “The era of academics being somehow separated from the world of work is long gone,” he said. “It has been replaced by a society where individuals change their careers multiple times and often move between the spheres of academia and the workplace or have feet in both. The rate of change in both academia and the workplace is also faster than any other time in human history. So it is essential that higher education integrate the knowledge and skills from both domains to equip our students for a more dynamic world where they are not constrained intellectually to what has traditionally been in one or the other.”

In March 2020, Harvard College transitioned to virtual learning in response to public health concerns posed by the pandemic. At the same time, the LPCE team pivoted too. For this academic year we focused the LPCE on ideas and ventures and products that help build a “better normal” related to one or more of the following: the COVID-19 pandemic, racial injustice, and climate change. In addition, we strategically chose to build community remotely across the fall semester of 2020 and launch our first novel hands-on course, the Entrepreneurship StudioLab, in spring 2021.

To learn more about LPCE’s ongoing success in developing and strengthening the impulse toward innovation within Harvard undergraduate students, you can read our November 2020 report. This report covers:

  • our community events, which take place via Zoom and thrive on the cross-pollination of creativity among students, faculty, industry experts, and practitioners.

  • students’ venture ideas, which are funded by our new accelerator to inspire innovation and develop student cohorts for our spring courses while also growing the community.

  • the StudioLabs, which are hands-on courses to help students hone key skills, including media development and the proper use of data, to further develop their entrepreneurial and creative mindsets.

  • our team and partnerships, which are instrumental to the success of the LPCE and our ability to amplify our efforts and engage with stakeholders across the Harvard community and beyond




In Fall 2020, we launched the LPCE Accelerator as an opportunity for students to gain access to funding, mentorship, and events. At a glance, we awarded 50 ventures $250 seed funds, making a 157-person Accelerator community that represented 20 undergraduate concentrations and 7 graduate schools. Our community members also had access to 9 different events throughout the semester - including a pitch workshop, a community feedback session, and a mentoring and networking event - as well as mentors specific to their venture.




In addition to the Accelerator, we also had an application for $10,000 Launch Funds. In December of 2020, three teams were awarded Launch Funds. The application consisted of a pitch deck (max 10 slides), a video (max 5 minutes), and an infographic. We highly encourage you to visit the Launch Funds page of our website to see the infographics for all of the applicants!

Judging rubrics for Fall 2020 Launch Funds Application:
Pitch video judging rubric
Infographic judging rubric





launchfundvideorubric2.pdf173 KB
launchfundinfographicrubric2.pdf173 KB

Fall 2020 LPCE Accelerator FAQs

What is the LPCE Accelerator?
The LPCE Accelerator is a funding program, mentoring network, and most importantly, a community of creative problem solvers. By signing up, you get access to all that as well as other resources targeted towards your specific venture. 
What are specific things I gain from becoming an Accelerator member?
You gain access to a network of experts to help guide your idea to activation. Invitations to both workshops and discussions about the evolving ventures. And again, most importantly, you will be joining a community of creative problem solvers.
What are the qualifications?
The LPCE Accelerator is an early-stage program designed for Harvard students who have a glimmer of an idea all the way to teams who have developed an MVP (minimum viable product) and have started considering fund raising. If you are a Harvard student taking a leave of absence, you do not qualify, but if you have a team member who is a Harvard student not on leave, they can apply in your stead.

If I join the Accelerator, do I have to take the E-labs in Spring 2021?
No. However, joining either the Skills or Projects StudioLabs in the spring would benefit your venture in any stage of development while expanding your network.
Can I still receive the seed funds if I am not a US citizen?
Yes. The LPCE Accelerator is open to all currently enrolled Harvard students, applying as solo entrepreneurs or in a team. Your other team members may be outside the Harvard network. 
Is the LPCE Accelerator Seed Funds a pre-requisite to the LPCE Accelerator Launch Funds?
Nope! Receiving the $250 in Seed Funds is not necessary to apply for the $10,000 Launch Funds. Our website is now updated with the LPCE Accelerator Launch Funds application details. 

Fall 2020 LPCE Accelerator Timeline

14th- LPCE Accelerator Seed Fund round opens ($250.00 award)
26th- Innovate Through Ideation Event
7th- Team Building Event
15th- Mentoring and Networking Event
27th- The Pitch Event & Workshop 
30th- Seed fund round closes 11:59:59PM ET
10th- How to Build a Wix Website Workshop with HGSE IDC
14th- LPCE Launch Funds Application Opens
19th- Art Thinking Workshop with Harvard ArtLab
23rd- LPCE Office Hour 
23rd- The Power of Community Event (rescheduled)
30th- LPCE Launch Funds Application deadline 11:59:59PM ET
17th- LPCE Accelerator Launch Fund Winners Announced
10th-19th EXAMS